hot sell solar inverters battery 12v 75ah

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Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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hot sell solar inverters battery 12v 75ah
Solar System
Non-spillable construction design
ABS containers ; safty valve installation of explosion proof
1 - 3 Years
High Pure Lead
Exceptional deep discharge recovery performance
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solar 12v 75ah battery
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hot sell solar inverters solar battery 12v 75ah

Why Choose Us ?

1.  Cheapest Price  --- We have complete production line.

2.  30years Good reputation history--- Before was Sino-Japanese joint venture government.

3.  Top Quality --- 100% pass testing.

4.  We accepted different payment terms : LC .DA .DP .OA etc.

5.  Fast delivery service. 



Lead-acid solar battery consists of : positive plate, negative plate, electrolyte, AGM separator, solar battery slot, solar battery cover, pole, pouring cap and other components.


We carry out technical improvements lead-acid solar battery based on the introduction of created new maintenance-free solar battery . They can use for UPS float standby systems, also can meet the solar energy systems of daily charge and discharge all the time, and deep cycle work requirements .



Maintenance free


As it is value-regulated .sealed and glass mat is utilized .acid is trapped inside . so refilling is not needed and is leak proof.


NO Memory Effect


Some solar battery say nickel –cadmium solar battery. will become conditioned to provide less power after repetitious short usage /discharge .


No memory effect 


Some solar battery .say nickel –cadmium solar battery will become conditioned to provide less power offer repetitious short usage /discharge


Low self discharge


The self –discharge rate for TOYO SLA . solar battery is about 2-3% per month at room .temperature compared with 20-30% for other common solar battery systems .


Longer service life


Utilized thick and massive calcium grate ensure that TOYO SLA solar battery has a longer service life over 15years .


High discharge rate .


Since the internal resistance is low .the solar battery can provide high rate of discharge


Wide operation temperature range


TOYO VRLA solar battery capacity is rated at 20°C , and will operate from 15°C (5f)+50°(C (122F)when it is fully charged Ambient temperature is 20°C.service life will be more efficient under 15’C to 25”C .




3FM Series solar battery

6GFM Series solar battery

GFM Series solar battery


( 4V / 6V / 12V Small Type solar battery )

( 12V medium Type solar battery )

( 2V Medium/Large Type solar battery )


· Security Equipments




· Fire alarm Systems

· Solar System

· Solar System


· Control Equipments

· UPS system

· UPS system


· Medical Equipments

· Wind Energy system

· Wind Energy system


· Small UPS Systems

· Street Light system

· Street Light system


· Emergency lighting equipment

· Portable power station

· Portable power station


· Toys and consumer electronics

· Communicatioin Equipments

· Communicatioin Equipments


Wireless lawn movers vacuum cleaner

· telecommunication equipment

· telecommunication equipment


washing machine

· electric equipment

· electric equipment


Portable power tools measuring

· Bank

· Bank


Portable video camera portable

· Education

· Education


Garden lighting

· Industrial

· Industrial




Battery Structure


Material of construction 


Positive plates

Positive plates are plate electrodes of which a grid frame of lead-tin-calcium alloy holds lead dioxides as the active material.

Retain sufficient capacity. Maintain capacity performance for long period of time (long life performance). Minimize self-discharge.

Negative plates 

Negative plates are plate electrodes of which a grid frame of lead-tin-calcium alloy holds spongy lead as the active material.

Retain sufficient capacity. 
Maintain capacity performance for long period of time (long life performance). Minimize self-discharge.


The advanced micro porous Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) or PVC separators retain electrolyte and prevent shorting between positive and negative plates. Separators adopt a non-woven fabric of fine glass fibers, which is chemically stable in the diluted sulfuric acid electrolyte. Being highly porous, separators retain electrolyte for the reaction of active materials in the plates.

Prevents short circuit between positive and negative plates. 
Retains electrolyte.
Prevents active material fall by pressing plate surfaces.


The GEL Electrolyte is used as the medium for conducting ions in the electro-chemical reaction in the solar battery. 

The GEL Electrolyte is used as the medium for conducting ions in the electro-chemical reaction in the solar battery. 

Container & Cover

Materials of the body and cover of the solar battery case are ABS resins, unless otherwise specified 

Accommodates plate group consisting of positive and negative plates and separators. 
Retains sufficient mechanical strength to withstand solar battery internal pressure.

Safety valve 

Synthetic rubber with excellent acid resistance and little deterioration by aging. In cap shape. The valve is comprised of a one-way valve made of material such as neoprene.

Releases gas if cell internal pressure rises abnormally high and normalizes internal pressure. Prevents ingress of oxygen. 

Solar solar battery are an intricate component for off-grid electrical systems such as solar, wind, and mini hydroelectric systems.

All these systems produce DC electrical which must be stored so that it may be used at a later time. In order to do this at the present time we use deep cycle solar battery.

Deep cycle solar battery are used because they have the ability to be recycled many times. This means that they can go from being charged to being discharged to 50% numerous times without damaging the solar battery unlike that of other solar battery such as cranking solar battery which are used to start vehicles.

The innovative Gel Technology does not only combines the advantages of lower internal resistance of deep cycle solar battery , but also do have much much better thermal stability and longer cyclic life .

The terminal is in the structure of tin electrodeposited copper terminal, which is favorable for discharging solar battery with large current and is favorable for the reliability of connection between solar battery.  The terminal is sealed through fusion welding and second seal of resin sealant, and the seal reliability is high.

Process & QC

QC system :

30years history solar battery manufacturer 

Lead (material) - Lead Plate - solar battery Case all from our producing



Packaging & Shipping




Company Information

Guangzhou Hengda solar battery Co., Ltd. Was formed in September 1986 to carry out the work of ISO9000 quality management systems standards.

* In November 1996 a one-time adoption of international authoritative certification body Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and the Guangdong Provincial Quality System

Certification Center of the certification audit, is the national industry's first access to ISO9001 quality

always maintains the high quality system of working effectively and continuously improves our development.

management system authentication of international and domestic manufacturers. Guangzhou Hengda solar battery Co.,

*  In November 1999 passed the Norske Veritas (DNV) ISO9001 quality system certification review

*  In November 2002 passed the 2000 Quality System certification.

Guangzhou Hengda solar battery Co., Ltd., high-quality products have won numerous honors: in 1996 our maintenance-free lead-acid solar battery won the Outstanding Project Award

of the State Science and Technology "Spark Program".

*  In October 1997 by China's Ministry of Posts and quality network card, the same year our full range of trust company award.

*  In 1999 won the national award of the export quality license, and passed the United States UL product safety certification, EU CE certification.

*  March 2001 was issued by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television's "radio and television network equipment and devices."

*  In June 2001 by China National Petroleum Corporation Pipeline Company building market access (solar battery item) Certificate.

*  In December 2001 as "American Independent solar battery Manufacturers Association International member" (the only one).

*  June 2002 China Unicom supporting equipment (solar battery) shortlisted enterprises

*  In August 2004, the first access to the solar battery manufacturing business license.

*  Main products, production capacity

*  June 2010 won xinzhang solar project

*  October 2012 We won two million dollars bid of order from state construction committee in china. 

Domestic and overseas exhibitions

Our Team Work


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 hot sell solar inverters solar battery 12v 75ah



Q1: What’s your payment terms?

A1:We accepted almost all payment terms,like T/T,L/C,DA,DP,Western Union,MoneyGram

Q2: OEM Service
A2: We can print your LOGO on solar battery case , If your quantities reached 100PCS , We also can printing your LOGO on solar battery carton.


Q3: Warranty process.
A3:  We provide 1 ~ 8 years different warranty.


Q4:How long is your delivery time?
A4:Normally,the whole production cycle need 15 days from material to finished products,but we can send goods within 7 days,because we have lead plate in stock.

Q5: Why our price competitive ?

A5: Because the lead plate , solar battery case etc , all the solar battery accessories all from our produce.



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hot sell solar inverters solar battery 12v 75ah